Top Dog
Top Dog
Independent Software, Inc.

As the Top Dog at Independent Software, "Moose" has extensive duties working at the company that were too numerous to include in his job description.  He works very hard at keeping the floor clean, especially in the kitchen area.  You’ll catch him trying to teach people how to share treats because sharing is caring.  He also reminds those who are afraid of dogs that not all dogs are mean and scary.

"Moose" is our office therapist.  He will make you laugh without cracking any jokes because laughing is a great stress reliever.  He’ll listen to your problems if explaining them takes less than two minutes because he will most likely fall asleep in three minutes.  "Moose" forces you to take small breaks throughout the day because he requires belly rubs or a game of fetch at regular intervals.

A prodigy with few equals, "Moose" was crowned the new face of cuteness on Facebook and has earned a staggering 534 "likes" in only a few months.  He is currently working on his Puppy Socialization certification after having completed home-schooling in potty training.

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